Shamanic Therapies and Ceremonies

Leading you away from your physical or mental blockages and into your emotional world, to the point when these blockages or pain first started to occur. I will clear your energetic field of what I am energetically allowed to and afterwards we work together to install new and better habits, so that you can let go from all levels, and get rid of what you no longer need.

When the space you live in or work in is infiltrated with heavy energy or entities that harm your energetic field, a thorough clearing process will lift and light it up.


Energetic clearing of bussinesses, office spaces and shops

When would you invest in such a process?

when you just moved in and the former owner went bankrupt or had to give up the business for other reasons
when you lost a project or suffered a major loss
when you have an un-explainable exit of employees
when you had a fire or flood in your building
when people come in and do not buy, when people come in and do not stay
when your clients avoid certain areas in your business
if the exit of an employee or partner ended up in a huge fight

What does space clearing do for your business:

it brings easiness and light into the space;
it attracts wellbeing and good vibes;
it makes people stay longer and feel better;

Space clearing can be done only on behalf of the owner of the business. After clearing we do a despacho ceremony together and let go of all old behavior and influences. The despacho will be burned or buried. We choose the best method for the business together with the owner.


  • up to 50 sqm 650 Lei
  • 50 – 150 sqm 1.100 Lei
  • 150 – 300 sqm 1600 Lei
  • 300 – 500 sqm 2500 Lei
  • 500 – 1000 sqm 5000 lei
  • Over 1000 sqm, we will make an offer after inspection

Duration: depending on the size we will come with one or more people. We work on plans and on site. On-site clearing should not take more than one full day and at the end of the day we do the despacho.

The whole process starts with a visit on site, an interview with the owner(s) only then we can say if we take the project. If we find an agreement, we sign a contract, take over the plans and work remote. The last part is to work on site and do the offering/the despacho. During the clearing we will know the best method to hand over the despacho to the elements, water, earth or fire.

Most people we meet during a lifetime, we have met in many lifetimes before. We have accumulated behavior and an order with each other. If it is time to clear some of this old behavior, we do a meditation together and I will guide you gently through that process. You will be left with a cord of love and light between your hearts that is much stronger and lighter than before.

A despacho ceremony is a way to say thank you to what you have got and let go of what is no longer there. During this ceremony the prevailing energy is gratefulness. It leaves you with a lot of room to plant new seeds. We do it if there are major changes in life, for a house or apartment that has served you and should serve somebody else in future.